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Aquasil 20

Aquasil 20


New, aqueous silane emulsion to improve the adhesion of aqueous coating systems on critical substrates.



Aquasil 20 is a VOC-free, storage-stable emulsion of an organofunctional silane in water. Its use in water-based paint systems improves the adhesion between the paint film and critical substrate surfaces.



Aqueous, whitish, low-viscosity liquid:
ISO 4619 viscosity approx. 90 mPas DIN EN ISO 3219 density: approx. 1.03 g / cm3 DIN EN ISO 2811-3, active sililane content ~ 20%

Aquasil 20

With its reactive silane groups, Aquasil 20 promotes strong chemical adhesion to critical substrates (such as aluminum, pretreated steel, glass, ceramics or cementitious substrates). Aquasil 20 does not release any toxic by-products during the cross-linking reaction. Furthermore, it can be incorporated into the matrix through the presence of active epoxy groups.
Due to a special manufacturing process, Aquasil 20 can be incorporated directly into aqueous formulations.

The formulation produced in this way is stable in storage and shows excellent adhesion properties even after storage for> 6 months at room temperature. Using Aquasil 20 eliminates the need for dosing and incorporation shortly before application, as is often necessary for conventional silane compounds.


Aquasil 20: product characteristics

Modified silane that is stabilized in particular in a water-based emulsion:

  • to improve the adhesion of water-based systems to glass or ceramics

  • with excellent long-term stability in delivery form

  • for direct use in finished formulations (no second component)

Screenshot 2017-09-27 10.25.07.png

Aquasil 20: product data

Compatibility with various water-based dispersions and resins / crosslinkers.

Screenshot 2017-09-27 10.27.04.png

Aquasil 20: Mechanism of promoting adhesion

Additives based on silane technology

  • Adhesion based on covalent bonding

  • Moisture / hydrolysis to activate the silanes

  • Critical handling in wb systems (secondary / side reactions possible)

Starting formulation: Based on Bayhydrol A XP 2770 / Bayhydur BL 2867

Screenshot 2017-09-27 10.28.13.png

Test after storage stability for 6 weeks at 40 ° C:

Screenshot 2017-09-27 10.36.13.png

Steam test:coated glass plates were exposed to steam for 180 minutes:

Screenshot 2017-09-27 10.32.40.png

Water storage:coated glass plates were 1h. loaded with 70 ° C water

Screenshot 2017-09-27 10.30.00.png

Due to its silane function, Aquasil 20 is suitable for improving the adhesion of water-based industrial and stoving lacquers and special applications in the automotive and industrial sectors.


The recommended dosage depends on the binder system and is 2.0% to 5.0% in delivery form based on the total formulation. The exact amount added should be determined in laboratory tests.

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