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Powder synthesis

Powder synthesis - particle design for your material innovation

Develop your next generation of powder materials precisely tailored to YOUR application with us and our technology partner Glatt!

The innovative powder synthesis of our technology partner Glatt Ingenieurtechnik GmbH allows the precise setting of material properties as well as functionalization according to your specifications.

Materials determine our environment - our world and are the driving force for almost all major technological advances and
Developments. Technological advances require innovations in the design and manufacture of custom materials in order to
to achieve the required performance in the application. Even new areas and applications can be opened up with it.
However, new types of materials require innovative technologies that are often not available. Our innovative technologies
allow the precise setting of material properties according to your specifications.

Despite major innovations in recent years, today's powder manufacturers specialize in a narrow range of materials.
However, these available standard products often limit the performance of the application. A customized solution, such as for
High performance materials required, is mostly not available. Secure yourself a reliable source of supply for exactly with us
Materials tailored to your application. Achieve a competitive advantage through extraordinary new functionality.

Discover the potential of additional functions or improved properties! The production of powder with
Exceptional quality, as required for high-performance applications, poses a great challenge to each individual
Process step. Greater functionality and exceptional performance result from the use of Glatt powder synthesis.


Some examples of this:

  • Catalytic materials
    As a basic requirement for effective catalysts, Glatt powder synthesis enables the precise setting of surface properties with particularly high activities.

  • Ceramic materials
    The Glatt powder synthesis allows the production of a new generation of ceramic high-performance powders with more exact
    customer-specific composition or doping.

  • Pigments
    Our high-performance pigments produced with Glatt powder synthesis combine technical performance, efficiency in production and use as well as ecology (environmental protection and non-toxicity).

Powder synthesis - particle design for your material innovation
Be ready to deliver immediately after product development! Our technology partner has capacities for contract manufacturing of your products in their production facilities. This enables you to supply your customers immediately and to secure important market shares with this speed.

Would you prefer to produce yourself? No problem, our technology partner designs, delivers and builds your specific production plant and supports you with its engineering even up to the construction of a completely new factory. And that worldwide!

Use the combination of process and procedural know-how of our partner Glatt and our material and application experience for the precise design of your exclusive high-performance powder!



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