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Products for coating


Matting agents

Our matting agent on

special silica base

Wetting agents & additives

Everything about our additives (Tionox)

at a glance.



A highly specialized white pigment with

a photocatalytic effect.

Matting pastes

Evaluation of functional additives to formulate

higher concentrated matting pastes

Chemische Arbeiten

Aquasil 20

New, aqueous silane emulsion for

Improving the adhesion of aqueous

Paint systems on critical substrates


Label-free preservation without biocides

Increase your material performance with us or equip your coating systems with new functions.
One of our essential core competencies is the targeted functionalization of coating systems for
different applications.

Cost-efficient application solutions are always achieved when functions are integrated directly into the material or the surface is modified to improve the properties of the components. Surface technologies are now an essential driver of innovation in a wide variety of industries. This means, for example, that automobiles can be built lighter and used in a more fuel-efficient manner, or energy can be distributed and stored more efficiently.

By means of new coating and processing methods, the functionalities of particles and surfaces can now be specifically developed and optimized for countless applications. Talk to us about it!

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