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Spray coating

Coating - functionalization for better material performance

Equip your powders or granulates with functional coatings and thereby achieve improved ones
Application properties.
Coating of particle surfaces is used in all industrial applications where there is on it
it is important to change surface properties in a targeted manner. Cost-effective application solutions are always achieved when a
Integration of functions directly into the material or a modification of the surface to improve the properties of the components
is realized.

Surface technologies are now an essential driver of innovation in a wide variety of industries. This means, for example, that automobiles can be built lighter and used in a more fuel-efficient manner, or energy can be distributed and stored more efficiently. Using new coating and processing methods, the functionalities of particles and surfaces can now be specifically developed and optimized for countless applications.


Functionalization of powder surfaces
Coating of particles increases the performance of powder materials or equips them with additional functions. Such core-shell particles are, for example, effective catalysts with precisely adjusted surface properties and particularly high activities. Or make particles compatible for incorporation into the application matrix.

Coating of granules
Special product properties should also be achieved with granules, for example protection of the granules, taste masking or the controlled release of the ingredients.


In order to influence the product properties in a targeted manner, it is important to define target parameters in order to find the appropriate process.

The selection of the coating process depends on the product quality to be produced, the properties of the
active ingredients used and the solid to be coated. However, production-specific framework conditions such as time, material and personnel expenditure must also be taken into account.

Based on your specifications, we can use our technological expertise to functionalize your powders or granulates in a targeted manner. Talk to us about it!

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